Top 10 Products to Give to Someone with Difficult Periods

Top 10 Products to Give to Someone with Difficult Periods

We know that gifting can be hard sometimes… especially when it comes to finding the right products to alleviate a loved one’s difficult periods. Are you looking to show them you care, but just not quite sure how? Well, keep reading!

Our team has compiled a list of the top 10 products a person who experiences difficult periods would love! None of the recommended products are sponsored ads!

1. Diffuser with Essential Oils

We too have been plagued with unexpected and tiring mood swings- one second, you’re happy and excited, and the next thing you know, tears are streaming down your face… Periods can be hard, but living with them doesn’t have to be!

Aromatherapy is a leading factor in improving PMS symptoms. Through the use of organic compounds (aka essential oils), studies show that both mental state and mood can be boosted. By allowing the oils to be absorbed both through the bloodstream and inhalation, the smell spreads to the limbic system- which plays an important role in mood determination. In addition to improving one’s mood, aromatherapy also contributes to boosting immunity and improving brain health, so an all-round win!


Aroma Essentials Collection | dōTERRA Essential Oils (

Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser - Saje Natural Wellness

Grove Co. Essential Oil Burner

2. Yoga Mat

We know that when periods get difficult, it’s common to sometimes just want to curl up in a ball and not move; however, movement is actually one of the best ways to combat cramps, lower back pains, and mood swings. More specifically, yoga is a great option when it comes to exercising on your period. You can even suggest a few moves- Baddha Konasana, Janu Sirsasana, and Upavistha Konasana- all of which work to combat bloating and pains.

Get your loved one started by gifting them a new yoga mat where they can practice all of their new moves feeling refreshed!


Jade Harmony Yoga Mat - JadeYoga

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Grip & Rubber Yoga Mats

Extra Thick Cork Yoga Mats | Non-toxic mats by Scoria World

3. Non-toxic Candle

Everyone needs an essential to set the mood, and what better way to than with a toxic-free essential oil candle. In times of difficult periods, it’s important to focus on you. Light the candle, throw on some comfy clothes, and just breathe.


All Candles – Shop Ryan Porter

Candles – CandaScent Labs

All Natural Candles Made From Soy Wax and 100% Essential Oils – Slow North

4. Comfy Pleasures

When the cramps and pains get unbearable, it’s normal to just want to get comfortable! The incessant bloating and feelings of tight waistbands are often unpleasant. So, get that special someone something soft and cozy- perfect for curling up, reading a book, or just some plain old meditation.


Women's Sunday Slipper – Bombas

Hug Me Pillow Baby Plushies - Organic Plush Toys (

Heralogie- Period Underwear

5. Relaxing Bath Salts

Baths are a very powerful tool when it comes to relieving difficult period symptoms. The warm water aids in relaxation- serving as both an emotional and physical stress reliever. To go a step further, adding some bath salts scented with essential oils can take the relaxation to a whole new level- targeting scents like lemongrass, rose, and lavender.


Denham's Natural Bath Salts (

Lavender Bath Salts – Revive Your Mind & Body Like The Greeks & Romans (

Sicily Rose Milk Bath – Refresh Your Mind & Body (

6. Food

One super important factor that plays into keeping ourselves healthy while experiencing periods, is ensuring we are remaining well-nourished. The cramps can sometimes lead to nausea, which ultimately can turn into skipping meals; however, our bodies need those vital nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy!

Going a step further, it’s important to consume healthy, clean foods- free of artificial sugars and heavy processing. By balancing your intake between healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, you will aid in balancing your hormones, along with keeping yourself full and energized!


Feed Your Spirit! (

Resist ProteinBars - Science-Backed Keto, Vegan Bar – Resist Nutrition

Honey Mama's Cocoa Truffle Bars - Nourish. Delight. (

7. Beverages

We know the feeling- tired, in pain, just not feeling yourself- the last thing you feel like doing is putting something in your stomach when you are already feeling nauseous. It’s especially important in these times to stay hydrated.

Filling up on things like collagenmagnesium, and vitamins are essential in turning that difficult time of the month into just another day. What better way to do that than consuming delicious beverages!


Products – Svete Wellness

Marea | The Multivitamin for Hormone Balance – Marea Wellness

Mixhers - Supplements by Women for Women

Collagen Sparkling Tea - SkinTē (

8. A Topical Supplement to Help Ease Cramps

Glow Botanica is dedicated to helping women regain control over difficult periods with naturopathic and drug-free solutions. We empathize, relate, and want to contribute to making you feel happier and healthier.

Tummy Butter has already helped thousands of women say goodbye to cramps, mood swings, loss of libido, bloating, hot flashes, and lack of energy. Not to mention, it’s the first topical remedy formulated with the highest potency of medicinal plants, which gets quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Get Your Tummy Butter Natural Remedy

9. Use a Magnesium-rich Lotion

With PMS, comes body aches and we know they can be difficult… So, we have formulated a Super Rich Magnesium Body Lotion, that combats cramps, stress, mood swings, and so much more! 

Get Your Magnesium Lotion Natural Remedy

10. Heavenly Heating Pad

Last but not least, when experiencing hard periods and searching for relief, heating pads are always a go-to. Studies show through the application of heat, the myometrium- the middle layer of the uterine wall that contracts and causes pain- relaxes.

It’s time to say goodbye to cramps, bloating, aches, muscle pain, and tension!

Get Your All-Natural Flaxseed and Lavender Pad



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