Pack Ultimate Self-Care: Menopause SOS & Pad Duo

Pack Ultimate Self-Care: Menopause SOS & Pad Duo

Desde Glow te brindamos una opción natural que te ayuda a atravesar el SPM de manera más cómoda. Con ingredientes naturales botánicos.
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Los síntomas característicos del SPM:

Incorpora una sencilla acción pero muy eficaz a tu rutina diaria. Una crema corporal, fácil de aplicar mediante un masaje en tu abdomen y muslos que se absorbe rápidamente y no interfiere en la microbiota.

Period SOS como parte de tu rutina diaria:

  • Coge una medida de 1 almendra entre los dedos y masajea suavemente de manera circular en el abdomen, en tus muslos internos y/o muñecas.
  • El masaje produce un efecto calor muy leve y reconfortante que ayuda a calmar.
  • Dependiendo de los síntomas, puedes usar más crema: solo escucha a tu cuerpo. Dura aproximadamente 30 días con uso diario.
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Dr. Elizabeth Poynor
PhD, OBGYN, Glow’s lead scientific advisor
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How to use
  • Apply to skin for quick absorption

    Apply to skin for quick absorption

    Take one teaspoon of cream and gently massage it onto your inner thighs and/or wrists

  • Use daily as part of your routine

    Use daily as part of your routine

    Consistency is key. Our Menopause SOS cream should be used every day for optimal results - make it part of your daily ritual!

  • Get results in weeks*

    Get results in weeks*

    Forget about hot flashes, night sweats, tiredness and mood swings - some women experience results in just a few weeks!

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Cómo funciona la crema
Absorbs faster than pills

We opted for a topical cream for its smooth absorption to your skin, avoiding gut interference (unlike pill treatments!)

Powered by nature

We're not just plant-based; we assess our formulas holistically, going beyond individual ingredients. It means more work for our scientists, but the results justify the extra effort.

Clinically-proven Results

It works, and it's not just us saying it. Our products have been tested by real women with symptoms like yours. Plus, our Lead Scientific Advisor is recognized as one of America’s best Doctors —just saying

No gastrointestinal effects

Our topical skin-targeted cream ensures absorption without side-effects. Unlike pills, we prioritize your well-being from the outside in. Feel the difference — no compromises, just effective results

Naturally powerful ingredients, backed by studies

A plant and evidence-based powerhouse for Menopause relief. Never with endocrine disrupting chemicals!


Helps support symptoms like mood swings and irritability

Wild Yam

Helps relieve hot flashes, night sweats & low libido

Marshmallow Root

Helps tackle vaginal dryness & irritation

Better than pills

Our cream performs better than supplements and other symptoms reliefs on every level. See why below!

Our Cream


No daña la microbiota
Sin pastillas
Libre de disruptores endocrinos
Fácil de tomar
Formulado por la ciencia
Recomendado por ginecólogos
Alivio a largo plazo
Easy to take
Long-term relief
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